10 Ways to Enhance Tax Efficiency in Your Portfolio

Taxes are often the single largest cost faced by investors and have an outsized impact on after-tax wealth accumulation. A disturbing observation, however, is that much of the money held by taxable investors is managed as if it were untaxed. For taxable investors, the primary goal of investing is to maximize after-tax wealth. Investment managers who implement the key principles of tax efficiency, described below, will help their clients do just that. Although some of the examples are focused on index management, the same principles and techniques can be utilized across many different types of mandates such as factor-based strategies.
Northern Trust Asset Management
Northern Trust Asset Management

Northern Trust Asset Management is a global investment manager that helps investors navigate changing market environments, so they can confidently realize their long-term objectives.
Entrusted with $1.1 trillion in assets under management as of June 30, 2023, we understand that investing ultimately serves a greater purpose and believe investors should be compensated for the risks they take — in all market environments and any investment strategy. That’s why we combine robust capital markets research, expert portfolio construction and comprehensive risk management in an effort to craft innovative and efficient solutions that seek to deliver targeted investment outcomes.
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