Editorial 2Q2019

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We are extremely fortunate to spotlight Eric Kirsch, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Investment Officer; President, Aflac Global Investments, as this Journal interviewee. Eric is one of the most well-regarded CIOs in the world, and he has some interesting insights to share – not only on markets, but on team building and career advice for entry-level college students, as well. He was more than generous with his time, and we hope you enjoy his interview as much as we did.

In addition to some outstanding articles, we are humbled to include two distinguished bodies of work in The Special Reports section of this edition. First, thank you to David Holmes for once again allowing us to highlight his outstanding work, Insurance Investment Outsourcing Report – League Tables 2019, summarizing outsourcing activity for the 2018 calendar year. As most of you know, David painstakingly compiles this information through manager surveys, conversations and other hands-on methods. Because it is not yet available anywhere else, we are fortunate to include it in this edition. We are also thankful to Raghu Ramachandran for providing an excerpt from his incredible work, S&P Dow Jones Indicies Insurance Research Report – ETFs In Insurance General Accounts. This updated version of his 2018 award-winning ‘best paper’ demonstrates Raghu’s extensive knowledge on how insurers are increasing their allocations to ETFs. Both bodies of work are industry-wide and best-in-class.

View The Special Reports in their entirety at:

Insurance Investment Outsourcing Report – League Tables 2019

S&P Dow Jones Indicies Insurance Research Report – ETFs In Insurance General Accounts

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