ETF Check-In Provided by Brownstone 4Q2019 – Columnist

Key Points
• There are now well over 250 ETFs eligible to be reported as bonds designated by the NAIC.
• We are finding that more Insurance Asset Managers are considering ETFs as a liquidity tool at a minimum.
• The Top 10 ETF inflows Year to Date are split between Equity and Fixed Income ETFs.
• Credit ETFs and their Creation/Redemption mechanism can largely be attributed to the growth of Fixed Income Portfolio Trades
which are becoming more common as a way to trade credit portfolios both large and small.

Overall Flows
Over $40.5bn of assets flowed into Equity ETFs while just under $30bn flowed into Fixed Income ETFs over September and October.

Notable Launches
PTBD-Pacer Trend Pilot US Bond ETF
•SCHQ-Schwab Long-Term U.S. Treasury ETF
•SCHI-Schwab 1-5 Year Corporate Bond ETF
•AVUS-Avantis US Equity ETF
•FLCB-Franklin Liberty U.S. Core Bond ETF
•VALT-ETFMG Sit Ultra Short ETF


Top 10 ETF Flows YEAR-TO-DATE through 10/31/19

Equity Breakdown 9/1/19 through 10/31/19

Fixed Income Breakdown 9/1/19 through 10/31/19

By Brownstone
Michael Cafiero, Director of Multi-Asset Trading
Mike serves as a Director of Multi-Asset Sales and Trading at Brownstone Investment Group providing trade execution services to Institutions throughout North America and Europe. His focus is helping clients find liquidity when trading Equities, Fixed Income Products, and ETFs. His extensive background in ETF trading gave Mike exposure to many asset classes, allowing him to offer liquidity solutions within a wide variety of products now in their primary markets.
Mike joined Brownstone in August 2018. His previous experience includes serving as Director of ETF Sales and Trading at Cantor Fitzgerald and at Knight Capital Americas (Virtu). Mike’s career in ETFs began when he worked for iShares ETFs at Barclays Global Investors (Blackrock).
Contact Mike with any questions: 212-905-0582 or

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