All The Credit, Ep. 38: Outlook on China

After years of strict COVID lockdowns, China’s domestic consumer economy is rapidly re-opening. Meanwhile, global manufacturing—normally an area of Chinese dominance—is being challenged by tighter credit conditions after years of progressive central bank hawkishness. In addition, the country still finds itself in the global geopolitical crosshairs as highly restrictive policies against China remain.

In this episode of All the Credit®, PGIM Fixed Income’s Gerwin Bell, PhD, Lead Economist for Asia, discusses China’s re-opening and how it could be different from recoveries from past decades. Gerwin also provides his 2023 GDP and inflation forecasts for China, assesses the country’s policy initiatives and what they could mean for its interest rates and currency, and shares his long-term growth outlook.
Michael Roper, CFA, European Investment Grade Corporate Bond Portfolio Manager, joins as co-host for this timely discussion.

Recorded on April 24, 2023.

PGIM Fixed Income
PGIM Fixed Income

PGIM Fixed Income is a global asset manager offering active solutions across all fixed income markets. The company has portfolio management and research teams in Newark, New Jersey, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Munich, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. As of December 31, 2022, the firm has $770 billion of assets under management, including $350 billion in institutional assets, $169 billion in retail assets, and $251 billion in proprietary assets. Nearly 1000 institutional investors entrust PGIM Fixed Income with their assets.

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