Decision Day: RBC factors for real estate and what it means for insurance investors

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This special edition of Insurance Quarterly is focused on real estate opportunities and how it pertains to insurance investors. Jack Bishop, Portfolio Manager, General Account and Michael Shanks, Portfolio Manager for Principal Real Estate Investors offer their expertise on the current state of risk-based capital (RBC) factors for real estate.

Do RBC factor changes provide opportunities in private equity real estate for insurance investors?

Principal Global Investors
Principal Global Investors

Partnering with insurance investors is a key strength of Principal Global Investors. From our own insurance company heritage, Principal Global Investors has grown into a global investment manager with $590.6 billion in assets under management, and over 800 institutional clients globally (as of 12/31/2021). Nearly 50 of those 800 clients are external insurance companies. They trust Principal Global Investors to manage more than $14.7 billion in assets, ranging from private real estate debt and equity, to specialized debt and equity strategies. We have nearly three decades of insurance investment experience externally and five decades managing the general account for Principal Life.

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