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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to present the fourth edition of our Journal. Like everything in life, the Journal is an ever-evolving publication. We have listened to your feedback and continue to invite more. However, we will always hold strong in our initial concept, striving to bring you the best in the industry free from advertising clutter. We are proud to be the only publication dedicated solely to you —

Insurance Investment Professionals

This month’s Interview is with one of the industry’s most highly regarded CIO’s — Randy Brown, CIO of Sun Life. I have been fortunate to know him for years and interviewed him over sushi at Fin’s in Boston. Randy’s perspective is both instructive and insightful.

In this issue, we have broadened our array of topics. At the top of that list is an article from the MassChallenge FinTech Lab. We first learned about this group from Bill Poutsiaka, our last edition interviewee. This is an exciting initiative that is supported largely by the insurance industry and uses a very innovative approach to running an incubator. The result is a win-win for insurers and fintech firms alike. Looking forward is one of McKinsey’s specialties, which is why we wanted their perspective on AI on the industry. Lots has been discussed about AI on both sides of the ball – regardless of your view, it is definitely going to have an impact. With inflation on everyone’s mind these days, Wellington has written a terrific piece on why there are plenty of reasons to think that it may go higher. And, finally, we close this issue with another possible perspective on the topic in The Chuckle.

In short, this fourth edition of the Journal is a great issue, and we’re proud of it. A special thank you goes out to all those who make it possible. Again, we always welcome your feedback and only ask one thing: If you are going to forward it on, please forward the link instead of the PDF.

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Much of this content is intended for institutional investors only.

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