How Intelligent Process Automation Benefits Insurance Operations

Insurance investment teams today face mounting challenges: talent shortages, tight timelines, increasingly complex portfolios and regulatory requirements to name a few. Behind the scenes, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are helping to address these challenges, dramatically improving operational processes and delivering significant ROI.

There are four variants of AI—machine learning, intelligent process automation (IPA), predictive analytics and natural language processing—that are already alleviating operational bottlenecks and outdated processes within insurance firms across the country. As repetitive tasks and manual processes are being modernized, employees are redirected to more impact-driving work.

In an effort to outsource and streamline processes, different variants of AI, such as IPA, are being implemented to automate typical investment processes, many of which are still highly manual.

SS&C Technologies
SS&C Technologies

SS&C Insurance Solutions Presents, Singularity™, for market-leading, AI-powered insurance investment accounting, operations, analytics and reporting. With more than 35 years of industry experience, a deep bench of tenured experts and a modern, cloud-based mobile friendly platform SS&C thrives on complexity -- processing both public and private investments while delivering unparalleled levels of operational efficiency, full transparency, post trade compliance and regulatory reporting, accounting flexibility and actionable insight through your choice of operating models (SaaS, outsourced or co-sourced).

Dennis Moore
Senior Sales Executive
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