Insurance Case Studies – Navigating Private Real Estate

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Insurance investors’ jobs have perhaps never been more challenging than they are in today’s market environment – the COVID pandemic is entering its second year, interest rates remain near historic lows, and credit spreads in public fixed income provide very little compensation for bearing credit risk. This has led a great many insurers to look to alternative assets for more attractive return opportunities. One such alternative is private real estate, which insurers may find attractive for a variety of reasons:


Invesco is a leading independent global investment manager, dedicated to helping insurance investors achieve their financial objectives. We understand insurers have unique investment needs, from optimizing capital efficiency and yield, to managing reserves and reporting. That's why we offer specialized solutions across a broad set of asset classes and vehicles. With $1.6 trillion in total assets under management, and $51.2 billion on behalf of insurance general accounts,* we strive to understand your distinct capital requirements, accounting tax treatment, and risk factors. (*As of December 31, 2021)

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