J.P. Morgan Asset Management (image version)

J.P. Morgan Global Insurance Solutions is a dedicated team of over 70 professionals focused on serving the investment needs of insurance clients. We are a recognized insurance industry leader with expertise in providing a comprehensive suite of advisory services and investment solutions across all major asset classes. We manage $175bn1 of general account AUM across fixed income, alternatives, equities and multi-asset mandates. We offer innovative alternative strategies for insurers that produce attractive and stable income and improve capital and tax-efficiency. Our deeply resourced insurance fixed income team has a track record of generating stable cash flows leading to stable book income and excess return through various market cycles. For more information, please visit us at jpmorgan.com/GIS

1 All figures are as of 12/31/19 unless otherwise stated. There can be no assurance that the professionals currently employed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management will continue to be employed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management or that the past performance or success of any such professional serves as an indicator of such professional’s future performance or success. Source: JPMorgan Chase & Co., J.P. Morgan Asset Management.