Using Innovation and Creativity as a Career Strategy


CareerCastWhatever your position or industry, your ability to innovate—to problem solve, experiment, create ideas, drive growth, collaborate, and add value—gives you a personal competitive advantage. Where is the future of your career? Some people, including innovation expert, author, and former professor Robert Tucker, would argue that it lives on the edge of innovation in the four corners of the world. In this CareerCast, Robert shares his knowledge, wisdom, and experience of traveling the globe in search of innovation. He answers questions on how to apply innovation and creativity to your career advancement—now and far into the future.

CareerCast is a monthly podcast from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business that answers your most pressing career questions. Join us for discussions with leading business experts and authors. Discover how you can define your personal brand, bounce back from a career setback, grow your leadership skills, and more. New episodes are released the third Friday of each month. Submit a question for next episode's guest, or check out our archive of past episodes archive of past episodes, each with its own collection of resources and further reading. Subscribe to CareerCast to make sure you don't miss out on advice that can take your career to the next level.

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