When Markets Twist and Turn, Flex Your Fixed Income

T. Rowe Price When Markets Twist and Turn, Flex Your Fixed Income
Five bond strategies to help investors navigate evolving markets.
  • The pain of 2022 has reset bond yields to meaningfully higher levels that offer investors higher potential income and a margin of safety.
  • With diverse sectors, fixed income markets offer solutions that can potentially help support investors with a range of goals and risk tolerances.
  • For investors seeking diversification, absolute return bond strategies may help, while those with a higher risk tolerance and longer‑term horizon could find attractive opportunities in high yield corporate bonds at present.
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T. Rowe Price
T. Rowe Price

T. Rowe Price is a global asset management firm with broad investment capabilities across Equity, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset and Alternative Strategies, highly committed to excellence in service and putting client interests first. We understand that insurers have many unique considerations impacting portfolio design, and we are proud to work with many of the largest insurers in the world delivering diverse and custom solutions designed to meet those needs. Our dedicated insurance relationship managers act as an extension of your team and serve as a conduit to the T. Rowe Price organization while proactively bringing the firm’s vast resources to bear. We offer a consultative, problem-solving approach and the ability to implement solutions based on specific client objectives, constraints, and risk tolerance.

Ben Riley, Brian Rapino
Senior Relationship Managers, Insurance


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Baltimore, MD 21202

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