NAV lending: a solution for liquidity and mid-life private equity funds?

Executive Summary The coronavirus pandemic accelerated existing trends of liquidity gaps in private equity driven by longer hold times and greater capital needs for “buy-and-build”...

Searching for Yield in a Sea of Low Rates

In 2020, coordinated central bank efforts – including quantitative easing (QE) and purchase programs aimed at supporting credit market liquidity — played a major role in...

Three Critical Questions Facing Fixed Income Investors in 2021

Why a flexible approach is necessary in this challenging environment. Key Insights The current bond market landscape raises serious questions for investors about fixed income diversification...

The Opportunities and Risks of Investing in Fallen Angels for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have historically allocated toward higher quality yield instruments. Over the past decade, amid a persistent low interest rate environment, insurance companies have...

Insurers: A potent plan of attack for 2021

In this video interview, Tim Antonelli offers key advice for insurers as they plan for 2021, including a robust to-do list. Tim’s role as...

The Blockchain Blockbuster: Yapese Stones to Central Bank Digital Currencies

Key Takeaways Blockchain, a revolutionary way of transmitting information trustlessly through time, has captured the imaginations of software developers, economists, and now, central bank policymakers...

Insurance Quarterly: Perspectives, challenges, and opportunities

As we move into 2021, global risk assets are on much more solid footing than they were at the beginning of the COVID-19 market...

Q&A: Patience – and Economic Recovery – May Benefit Securitized Investors

Paul Norris, Head of Structured Products, discusses why opportunities in securitized assets may improve as the year progresses, the outlook for CMBS, the growing...

Climate risk & portfolio decarbonization have become center stage

Climate risk and decarbonization have become key priorities for insurersAssessing climate risk and decarbonizing portfolios are anything but trivialActive asset managers can help insurers...

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