Robeco survey reveals big investor shift on climate change and decarbonization

Tackling climate change has become the number one priority for investors. But how is the asset management industry dealing with an issue that is...

RBC, find out what it means to me

U.S. life insurance bond factor changes IN BRIEF Proposed changes to RBC bond factors will increase required capital and decrease RBC ratios for U.S. life insurers.The...

Why Credit Investors Need to Become Active Duration Managers

KEY INSIGHTS Duration has become a key driver of credit returns over the past decade, highlighting the importance of active duration management for credit investors.Techniques...

Avoiding the Crowds: Finding Opportunities in Private Structured Credit

In most fixed-income markets we are back to where we started in 2020 with low rates, tight spreads and warnings from some that asset...

Solvency II under review: EIOPA’s Final Opinion on the 2020 Review

In its final opinion on the 2020 Review of Solvency II, EIOPA proposes changes to various parts of the Delegated Regulation. This paper summarises...

Private Placements: Aiming for Greater Yields, Downside Protection and Customized Cash Flows

Matthew Daly, Head of Conning’s Corporate and Municipal Teams, and John Petchler, Director, Private Placements, discuss how private placements may offer insurers greater yield...

NAV lending: a solution for liquidity and mid-life private equity funds?

Executive Summary The coronavirus pandemic accelerated existing trends of liquidity gaps in private equity driven by longer hold times and greater capital needs for “buy-and-build”...

Searching for Yield in a Sea of Low Rates

In 2020, coordinated central bank efforts – including quantitative easing (QE) and purchase programs aimed at supporting credit market liquidity — played a major role in...

Three Critical Questions Facing Fixed Income Investors in 2021

Why a flexible approach is necessary in this challenging environment. Key Insights The current bond market landscape raises serious questions for investors about fixed income diversification...

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