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TPG Angelo Gordon
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New York, NY 10167
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Matt Heintz
Head of Insurance

About TPG Angelo Gordon

TPG Angelo Gordon has been matching money with opportunity since 1988. We are a diversified credit and real estate investing platform within TPG, a leading global alternative asset management firm. TPG Angelo Gordon manages approximately $78 billion1 across a broad range of credit and real estate strategies, and we have been investing on behalf of pension funds, corporations, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds and individuals for 35 years. Over our entire history, TPG Angelo Gordon’s investment approach has consistently relied on disciplined portfolio construction backed by rigorous research and a strong focus on capital preservation.

We are entrepreneurial and opportunistic. We have grown by pursuing strategies that complement and build on our core capabilities. Combining deep industry sector and market expertise with a collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture, we creatively seek out investment opportunities that allow us to exploit inefficiencies in global credit and real estate markets. We have designed strategies and vehicles across the lending spectrum for insurance companies. Additionally, we have worked with insurers to customize mandates to meet key capital and regulatory constraints and reporting requirements.

1TPG Angelo Gordon’s currently stated AUM of approximately $78 billion as of December 31, 2023 reflects fund-level asset-related leverage. Prior to May 15, 2023, TPG Angelo Gordon calculated its AUM as net assets under management excluding leverage, which resulted in TPG Angelo Gordon AUM of approximately $53 billion last reported as of December 31, 2022. The difference reflects a change in TPG Angelo Gordon’s AUM calculation methodology and not any material change to TPG Angelo Gordon’s investment advisory business. For a description of the factors TPG Angelo Gordon considers when calculating AUM, please see the disclosure linked here.


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