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Institutional IG or HY End of Day TRACE Dashboard

The IG and HY EOD TRACE Dashboards, delivered daily, allow the user to quickly source the holistic and granular information they need to stay ahead of the curve on institutional liquidity.



Overnight Trade Dashboard

The Overnight Trade Dashboard is a dynamic, multi-display dashboard that allows the viewer to quickly visualize previous night Investment grade and high yield Corporate Bond trade volume with dynamic easy-to-view visuals.

Discount Dollar Dashboard 

The Discount Dollar Dashboard is a dynamic dashboard that captures data for all investment grade bonds that traded between $50 and $80 the previous trading day and is emailed to the user the following morning.



Portfolio Trading Dashboard

This dashboard highlights previous week investment grade and high yield Portfolio Trading volumes. We present how portfolio trading flows compare to non-portfolio trading flows conveniently broken down by sector and maturity buckets. We also display data on the top 20 portfolio trades on the week via a table with sortable filters.

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