Nuveen - Thu, 03/14/2024 - 19:44

C-PACE: making an impact on insurance allocations

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) has become increasingly popular with U.S. insurers due to the impact opportunities it can offer, as well as access to clean energy investments and the potential for attractive and stable risk-adjusted returns.

This latest whitepaper further examines C-PACE as a relatively new asset class and explores why its qualities are particularly appealing to U.S. institutional clients, and insurance companies specifically.

Other key questions discussed include:

  • How does C-PACE differ from other products?
  • What are private asset backed securities (ABS)? 
  • How is C-PACE different to other ABS?
  • What makes C-PACE so interesting to insurance companies?
  • The future of C-PACE as a viable investment for insurers

"Historically, the fixed rate coupons on our C-PACE assets have delivered an outpaced yield when compared to alternative investments and benchmark yields with similar capital-adjusted risk/return characteristics.”

Alexandra Cooley, CIO and Co-founder, Nuveen Green Capital

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