PGIM Fixed Income - Tue, 09/26/2023 - 23:04

Fixed on ESG, Ep. 17 - Cyber-Savviness

Cybersecurity impacts every industry and, for many issuers, the consequences of a breach could be disastrous—as we’ve seen in a number of recent high-profile cases. As investors analysing the current cybersecurity landscape from an ESG risk and ESG impact perspective, we believe that a lack of understanding or investment in cybersecurity is simply not an option.

In this episode of Fixed on ESG, Birgit Lundem Jakobsen, Senior ESG Analyst for PGIM Fixed Income, and special guest, Limor Kessem, Principal Consultant with IBM X-Force Cyber Crisis Management, discuss the importance of cybersecurity to companies and investors, what investors should look for when assessing the state of a company’s cybersecurity, and what’s on the horizon for cybersecurity as rapid innovation paves a way into uncharted tech territory.

Recorded on September 5, 2023.

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