Insight Investment - Wed, 11/29/2023 - 14:12

Global Macro Research: The New Era of Global Protectionism

A new era of protectionism is emerging from climate change, geopolitical rivalry and supply chain reshoring. It is reshaping the global economy and geopolitics.

Executive summary: It's not easy being green

Green protectionism refers to government policies explicitly designed to do two things at once: expedite decarbonization efforts while incentivizing domestic manufacturing.

  • Green protectionism is emerging from three intersecting trends: climate change, geopolitical
    rivalry, and the revival of industrial policy.
  • We believe this trend will be a major factor in geopolitical dynamics going forward.
  • Fiscal costs associated with this trend will likely lead to more debt accumulation, at a time when many countries are already grappling with debt sustainability issues.

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