Nuveen - Wed, 04/10/2024 - 16:29

Insurers favor tactical changes in higher-for-longer rate environment

Over 220 insurance companies globally (along with nearly 580 other institutional investors) share their views in Nuveen’s latest annual EQuilibrium institutional investor survey.

From views on the macro environment and asset allocation to sustainability and the energy transition, the survey reveals new insights into how these insurers manage over of $5.7 trillion in assets.

Three clear trends are evident as we enter 2024: asset allocation changes are tactical rather than strategic; demand for alternatives continues; and action, not talk, is the focus of sustainability investments.

“Insurers are taking advantage of opportunities to trade up in quality, lock in higher fixed rates, extend duration and add a little more liquidity with public investments.”

-Joseph Pursley, CIMA®, Head of Insurance, Americas

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