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The Role of ETFs in a New Fixed Income Landscape

The 2022 State Street Global Advisors fixed income survey canvassed the views of major investors across the globe to better understand where the fixed income market is and where it is heading. The qualitative and quantitative survey was conducted in mid-2022 and was administered by an independent third-party firm not affiliated with State Street Global Advisors. State Street Global Advisors is identified as the study sponsor. A total of 700 global institutional investors responsible for asset-allocation decisions for top pension funds, wealth managers, asset managers, endowments, foundations and sovereign wealth funds participated in the study.

Our latest survey of investment leaders identifies deep trends shaping the future state of fixed income portfolios.

Rampant inflation and central bank interest rate increases are dominating the short-term outlook for fixed income.

But longer-term, structural forces — from challenges to traditional 60/40 portfolios, the search for new sources of returns to cost pressures and rising Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) demands — are changing the way investors implement and manage their fixed income allocations.

Our new global study, surveying 700 institutional investors and investment decision makers, reveals how exchange traded funds (ETFs) are an increasingly important tool in the evolving fixed income landscape.
ETFs are:

  • Being utilized for portfolio construction, including non-core allocations
  • Playing a liquidity role as investors increase allocations to non-liquid sources of income
  • Helping to facilitate the internalization of fixed income management
  • Enabling investors to implement ESG objectives with precision

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